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BHCC’s Missionary Links

Pine Valley Bible Camp

Pine Valley Bible Camp – for more information about the camp please visit their website by click on the link or email them at pinevalleycamp@gmail.com

Bruce & Donna Hess

Servicing with One Mission Society at Houghton College – for more information please visit their website by click on the link. Also check out the OMS website, the link is on this page.

One Mission Society

One Mission Society is an evangelical, interdenominational faith mission formerly known as the OMS International and the Oriental Missionary Society. One Mission Society reaches the nations for Christ through evangelism, theological training and church planting in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. OMS is currently working in more than 50 counties worldwide.

Andy & Bryn Gleiser

Andy and Bryn Gleiser are part of a team of pastors’ families going to establish a Bible-preaching church in Reno, Nevada.  They moved there from Indianapolis in the fall of 2020 and are currently working to establish a foundation before the official church launch in September of 2021. Andy and other team members are still raising support as they prayerfully work toward getting all 4 team families fully transitioned.

Paul & Ellie Madsen

Serving in Spain with Resourcing Christian Education International – for more information please visit their website by click on the link. Also check out RCE International website, the link is on this page.

Resourcing Christian Education International.

RCE is designed to meet your needs as a teacher, missionary or international education ministry. RCE is a unique, service-oriented mission organization that strives to make your ministry a success for the Kingdom of God. We are about relationships: with you, so that you can have the most effective teaching and discipling relationship with your students. The purpose of Resourcing Christian Education International (RCE) is to serve Christian education ministries in their mission of providing exceptional educational opportunities with a Biblical foundation and Christian worldview.

Stephen & Catherine Tibberts AND Tim & Monika Sharp

Both the Tibberts & the Sharps are serving with New Tribes Missionaries…./….Stephen & Catherine Tibberts are serving with New Tribes Missionaries in England…./….Tim & Monika Sharp are serving with New Tribes Missionaries the South Pacific helping the SW Palawanos. You may reach Tim & Monika by email tim_sharp@ntm.org…./….For more information on the New Tribes Missionaries please visit their website by click on the link.

Dan & Linda Schall

Dan Schall shares his music ministry in many crossroad towns throughout the eastern states. Through his music, he conveys his love for Jesus Christ and his concern for his fellow man’s eternity. Dan stutters when he speaks, but the Lord has granted him a singing voice to share the Lord’s words through music. He made his commitment to share the gospel message, after hearing someone sing the song, “He Touched Me.”

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