Exalting God, Edifying Believers, Evangelizing the Lost

In September 1942, a group of people met at the home of Mr & Mrs Harold Swogger, on Moffett Run Road to discuss the starting of a Non-denominational Sunday School in the Bunker Hill District. At the meeting, plans were made to secure a meeting place & the first Sunday School meeting was held in October 1942 at the V.F.W. Hall (formally the Bunker Hill School) on Bunker Hill Road – also the name chosen by the Sunday School.

Mr & Mrs Pearl Lowery donated the property where the S.S. erected their first building on Moffet Run Road. The work of clearing off the property began in June 1945. Excavating was completed on July 24, 1946 & the footer was completed August 13, 1946. Members of the Sunday School held their first meeting in the new basement in June of 1947.

Later, the congregation was organized into Bunker Hill Community Church (BHCC), with Melvin Alexander being the first minister in 1948.

Because there was no room for expansion or parking, plans were made for a new church building. Ground was broken in May 1954 at the current site near Center exit from Hwy 376. The 3-yr endeavor to construct the church building culminated on Thursday April 7, 1955 with Holy Communion service, the first service.

Rev. Melvin Alexander remained pastor of the church until May 1976 when he resigned due to health reasons. He was succeeded by Pastor Paul Zaperach. In 1978 when Pastor Paul Zaperach resigned, the church became affiliated with Village Missions (a non-denominational organization who provides qualified, spiritual leadership to those rural & suburban areas in the U.S. & Canada where there exists a definite need to win & disciple people to Jesus Christ through the proclamation & demonstration of the gospel).

The following is to document the pastors assigned to Bunker Hill Community Church by Village Missions up to April 2003. Kenneth Weldon October 1978 to September 1979; Joe Hand October 1979 to February 1980, Gerald Sever, Jr May 1980 to January 1986; Paul Bryan February 1986 to June 1986, Roger Allen July 1986 to August 1988, Robert Dove September 1988 to October 1996; James Eblen November 1996 to February 1998; Wayne Taylor August 1998 to April 2003.

Following years of faithful service by Pastor Taylor, when he was assigned to another location, the church chose to take a step of faith and separate from Village Missions, returning to its non-denominational origin.

In October 2004 BHCC ordained Curt Onuska, who served as Pastor until May 2006. In October 2006 Pastor Paul Zaperach returned to BHCC as Pastor. In July 2009 the Church appointed Mark Cefola & Brandon Padgett as Assistant Pastors to assist the Senior Pastor with the ministry.

On October 28, 2012, BHCC Ordained Mark Cefola & Brandon Padgett, and they continued to serve as assistant pastors.

In March 2013 Pastor Paul Zaperach retired and Brandon Padgett was elected as Pastor at BHCC. Pastor Mark Cefola moved on to take another pastoral opportunity as Senior Pastor at another church.

On July 15, 2018, the church called Ross Fichter to serve as Senior Pastor, and he began his ministry on October 14, 2018. Brandon Padgett continues to serve as an Elder.

Throughout the years, although the leadership has changed, the Lord has been faithful in providing teachers and preachers to lead His flock at Bunker Hill Community Church. We look forward to the continuance of the ministry as the Lord is faithful to the needs of His people.